Impress printing and packaging software

For any rectangular / irregular shaped products produced using any printing technology, precise estimates can be provided in a few clicks.

Estimation for Labels & Flexibles

• Estimation software to talk the same language that you speak.
• Unwinding direction, Coil Width, Cut-off, Cylinder sizes, Composite GSM, are native to Labels and Flexible packaging industry are used in our system.
• Our estimation software considers all inline operations that can be performed in a flexo press, to find the most efficient press to print a given label specification.

The Conundrum – Flexo or Gravure or Digital

The puzzle of whether to go for Flexo or Gravure or Digital printing is solved in a click of a button by Impress Estimation software, by considering all unique technical constraints and costing parameters involved in each printing technology.

Perfect PLAN for your estimation

• Automatic Press, Reel Width and Cylinder Size selection by considering cost, technical constraints and number of operations each print device can perform.
• When selecting the proper press for a given job specification, important technical constraints such as feedable reel width, possible cut-off, media calliper, and re-register system are taken into account.
• For each job, there are up to 60+ different solutions listed, organised by cost in ascending order.
• Pictorial representation of the generated layout.

Power Of Estimate:

• Simple UI
• Configure Estimation logics like the way you want
• Precise cost by considering all cost parameters
• Get Estimates in a single click
• Multiple artworks in a single product
• Interact with the system to choose the layout
• Multiple quantity options estimated in single click

DASHBOARD - Data on your fingertip

Dashboards with graphical representation of:
_ Target vs Achieved per Salesperson
_ Converted Orders Product wise
_ Actual Vs Converted
_ Top 10 Customers
_ Job Status summary
Additional reports that can be exported to PDF, CSV or Excel sheets are also available.

Interactive Quotation / JobCard

Well-designed Quotation & Job Card formats, easily customizable based on customer’s request. Job cards can generate QR code and reduces manual input of data in the production department.